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I would like to share with you some of the products we love and use and also some handy online services and applications.

Computer Equipment

Both myself and Jean have recently switched to Macbooks, and we have felt a noticeable improvement in our workflow.

Macbook Pro 13 inch LaptopMacbook Pro 13 inch Laptop – I am using Macbook Pro and I’m really happy with it! It works very fast. I have a cool screen which is excellent for editing photos. All graphic programs work really fast and I love its design! I get inspired when I work with my Macbook 🙂

Macbook Air 13 inch LaptopMacbook Air 13 inch Laptop – Jean has gotten Macbook Air and he feels this is the best laptop he ever owned by far. It is amazingly light and slim, making it a great choice for moving about.

Griffin Macbook StandFor ergonomics purposes he has also bought the Griffin laptop stand and an Apple wireless keyboard, turning the Macbook Air into a workstation of sorts ideal for spending long hours of coding and blogging.


IPad-AirIPad Air MD 789LL (32 GB, WiFi) – one of our favourite gadgets! Very elegant, light and fast. It’s a great device for watching movies, photos, browsing Internet, playing games, learning languages (there are so many useful applications!) and even taking photos :). Jean also uses it as a second screen while travelling. We don’t regret buying it!

Photographic Equipment

Canon 500D SLR Camera (body)Canon 500D Digital SLR Camera – very capable SLR Camera with 15.1 Mpx resolution, high ISO for low light and Full HD movie recording. Apart from travel photos I use this camera for my interior photo works and it never let me down. Quality of photos is very good and this camera is not very heavy, which is important when you travel.

Tamron SP AF 17-50 mm lensTamron SP AF 17-50 mm lens  very good lens which can produce photos with great quality. Its autofocus works very well and it gives a good performance against bright light. It’s not big which is very convenient. This is the lens which I use the most.


Canon EF 50 mm lensCanon EF 50 mm lens – very good lens with maximum aperture f /1.8 with autofocus. It focuses for extreme close-ups. Ideal for natural-looking shots, for low light shots, for food shots.


Canon EFS 60mm Macro Lens

Canon EFS 60 mm Macro lens – another very nice, light lens, very sharp wide open – perfect for macro shots.


Canon EF 70-300 mm lensCanon EF 70-300 mm lens – incredible lens which gives sharp deep shots at a long distance. I use it mostly for portraits. I am very happy with it!


Sony-RX100Sony RX 100 – is our amazing compact camera. We actually use it much more lately than the SLR Camera while traveling, since it’s very light and the quality of photos and videos is fantastic. It’s worth every cent we spent on it! We love it!

Canon IXUS 120 Camera

Canon IXUS 120 – is our small camera for quick shots, but mostly we use it for underwater shots together with the Waterproof Dicapac Cover. Quality of photos is really good and with HD video recording option we make our quick movies while travelling.


Manfrotto Midi Ball Head RC2

Manfrotto Tripod 055XPROB + Midi Ball head RC2 – it has been one of the best additions to our kit. I love this tripod. It’s not heavy as I thought it was before. It’s easy to use, it holds even very heavy camera, it fixes camera very well and it’s just perfect! Every time I have a photoshoot I am so happy that we bought it.

Manfrotto Padded BagManfrotto Padded Tripod Bag – very comfortable, well padded, perfect quality bag for tripod. It fits ideally on your shoulder and I like its design a lot.


Waterproof Dicapac CoverWaterproof Dicapac Cover  – we bought this cover for taking underwater photos and video. It’s wonderful! Before we bought it we were thinking of buying some special waterproofed camera for underwater shots. But after we found this cover and never regret about it! It doesn’t spoil the quality of photos and keeps the camera dry and safe.

Other Gadgets

iphone-6-64-gbiPhone 6 64gb – our favourite smartphone that helps us to have all the important online stuff available while on the go. We use it as we use our laptops. I think iPhones don’t need an introduction. 🙂

We watch movies and videos on it, listen to music, get the access to all social media and any website we need. It’s a really very useful device with a sleek design, one of the best  so far in my opinion.


Kindle_black-backgroundAmazon Kindle Paperwhite – one of my favourite gadgets, I keep it with me most of the time while traveling. When I find some interesting article on the Internet I prefer to send it to my Kindle and read it in comfort and with no harm to my eyes.

The new feature, a wonderful white touch screen with built-in light, makes it more attractive and enjoyable to use.



Klipsch IMAGE Headphones

Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones – are amazing headphones and Jean use them all the time. They come in really handy on planes as they drown out the disturbing noise from the engines and other passengers, allowing him to sleep or work in his own world. Also tremendously helpful when working from cafes and bars.


Finding the Cheapest Flights

Flights tend to be the most costly part of our travel, especially when crossing from one continent to another. Finding the best deals and connections is absolutely important, and our weapons of choice for flight searching are the following two websites:

We especially like the Skyscanner feature where you can select a destination and compare flight prices for the whole month, although this doesn’t always work for any destination. Basically it stores searches by other users for the same destination, so it can quickly give you previously computed prices for most days of the month. However, if not many people have searched for that destination during that day, the prices won’t show up and you’ll have to check each day yourself.

Travel and Health Insurance

Buying travel and health insurance is very much a necessary thing when doing any kind of traveling, especially long trips where anything can happen. Don’t play the hero and forego insurance, chances are you’ll regret it later.

World Nomads Travel Insurance  is a favorite with digital nomads, although we usually find better deals with local companies in Malta. You need to do some comparisons, but World Nomads is the only travel insurance service we found specially catered for long term travelers and digital nomads.


Jean is quite a software junkie, and is always trying out new apps in search of a productivity boost and introduce them to me as well.

Here’s what we use:

  • WordPress – The backbone of all our blogs and a source of income for us.
  • Workflowy – All my ideas go in there. It’s the ultimate free to-do list app.
  • Add to that a number of Apple software that comes with our laptops.

Please note that some of the above links are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you purchase a product on Amazon after clicking through from my site. If you choose to buy through these links thank you for your support. 

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