Our Luxury Stay at Mira Moon Causeway Bay Hotel in Hong Kong

As soon as you start planning your trip to Hong Kong and kick off some hotel research, you will realise how expensive it can be especially if you are visiting during the Chinese New Year. A basic 3-star hotel can cost you between $80-120 per night. This post is a review of Mira Moon Hotel located in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. It’s a genuine review, purely based on our experience, that I must say, was amazing!

After spending hours on researching and shortlisting hotels, we laid our eyes on Mira Moon Causeway Bay – a 5*Boutique Hotel in Hong Kong. The prices for a standard room were slightly higher than those at other well-known hotel chains, but the facilities were much better. So we decided to go for it. And, oh my God, we never regretted it! 🙂



When we search for a hotel the first thing I filter out in the search is free wifi. We don’t even consider hotels without free wifi in rooms. Imagine how happy we were when we saw that not only we were going to have free wifi, but also a smartphone with 3G for free and an iPad! It was so helpful! You don’t need to worry about being connected during your trip. You just take this phone and use it as it is (you can make free calls to several countries) or use it as a hot spot for your smartphones, hence always be online. I won’t bore you with explaining the benefits of having an iPad in the room, I am sure you’ve already figured out how cool it is!


The next criterion that is also very important for us is the size of the room. When I was searching for accommodation in Hong Kong, I was surprised that many hotels offer tiny 10-16 m2 rooms at quite a high price! It was easy with Mira Moon Causeway Bay Hotel as their rooms are spacious, with a minimum of 21 m2. Our room was so amazing! We stayed in the Full Moon Premier Room. It was very spacious, with a corridor and big bathroom. We were in awe with that room and that bathroom!

First of all, they thought of everything, and we loved it! We appreciate and really enjoy when something is done with attention to small details. It shows care. Everything you need during your stay, no doubts, you will find there ready for you. It is a real 5-star boutique hotel, one where you feel that you’re given a 5-star service in every single detail.


What is also very important for us is cleanliness and a comfortable bed. We slept like babies on that comfy bed with those great pillows! Our room was immaculately clean by the way, but I will write about it in the “service” chapter.


You are treated as the best guest of the hotel from the very first minute you approach the hotel’s booth at the airport to your very last moment at the hotel when you check out. We found the hotel’s booth at the airport and asked for directions. We were offered a transfer service and bottles of water. The staff was very polite and helpful. At the hotel, you feel amazing. All the people who work there are super friendly! The room was perfectly clean and the room service was great! They changed our sheets and towels every day as is standard in 5-star hotels. The room and the bathroom were cleaned carefully with attention to the little details.


It’s worth mentioning that we arrived during the Chinese New Year period. So the staff made a small celebration for themselves during their break in the morning. They prepared a little table outside with some local food and where having a toast when we were passing by on the way out of the hotel. They were so friendly and hospitable, they invited us to join them around their table. Since we were on our way to get some breakfast, it was perfect timing for us to taste some local food and immerse ourselves into a foreign tradition. That’s how our first morning with Mira Moon Causeway Bay Hotel in Hong Kong began.



I have to say a few words about the bathroom we had. It was so spacious and so fancy with those big mirrors and the beautiful tiles design, we just didn’t want to leave it! We had a shower and a bathtub and lots of space near the sink to put our toiletries (how important it is!). Just see the photos below!



We didn’t have breakfast at the hotel. We just went into the dining area to have a look. Everything looked fresh and yummy, it was a proper high quality Western breakfast. To be honest it seemed a bit expensive to us (well it’s always like that at 5 star hotels) and we also wanted to try some local breakfast options.


Mira Moon Hotel Breakfast Menu (Prices are in HK$ 🙂 )


When I researched about the location in Hong Kong and tried to choose what would be the best area to stay for a 6-day trip I quickly figured out that it’s either Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay. To tell you the truth most of the travellers’ and tourists’ reviews would be in favour of the first option. It was quite a tough decision as I imagined that all interesting things happen in Tsim Sha Tsui and all shops are there and to get there would be a big hassle from Causeway Bay by MTR and we would end up staying in Causeway Bay and missing out on everything. On the other hand, Causeway Bay seemed to be a quieter district according to the reviews and that is something that we love, so this fact was very appealing to us. As you’ve already understood eventually we chose Causeway Bay and I am so happy about it!

The Causeway Bay area is really more quiet, but it’s not dead. You can find places to go to, shops, cafes and of course the Times Squire. It was so easy to get to all other districts using local transport, so we didn’t feel that we stayed far from some places that are worth visiting. I found Causeway Bay very clean, cozy, decent, posh enough and quite humble at the same time. Coming to popular Tsim Sha Tsui hectic district full of tourists made us realise that the decision we made was right for us.


The look of the street just a few meters from the hotel


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post the price seemed a bit high to us (also because we didn’t have a big budget for this trip). But when we actually checked in we realised that the money we paid was worth it. At Mira Moon Causeway Bay you can expect a price range starting from $160 and up to $350 per night depending on the room you choose and the season. They have some promotions and upgrades quite often, so please check their prices as my numbers can be wrong at the moment.

Final Thoughts

We fell in love with Hong Kong, with Causeway Bay and of course with the Mira Moon Hotel! I can’t stress enough how the right accommodation can make your holiday just awesome and unforgettable and how the wrong lodging can make you hate a country. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong I urge you to take a look at Mira Moon Causeway Bay Hotel and make the right choice. You won’t be disappointed!

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