Our Official Travel Plan for 2014

We just have finished planning our trips for the rest of 2014 and are very exciting about our upcoming travels!


We’ve been in Mexico since November 2013 and we’re going to continue discovering the American Continent by heading south to Brazil in the very beginning of April. Visiting Rio de Janeiro has always been one of my dreams and I am super stoked that we’ve managed to fit it into our journey!


Right after Brazil we will back to North America, to visit New York. We are hoping for a warm welcome in the US at this time of year, we’ve been spoilt with warm weather for the last two years, we’ve forgotten what cold weather feels like.

In the end of April we will head back to Europe starting from our home country Malta. We are planning to spend 3 weeks with our family and then go to Paris to visit our friends.


From France we are flying to Mallorca, the island where we first met and fell in love. It obviously has a special meaning for us apart from being a stunningly beautiful place in itself. As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a very close friend there who we’re looking forward to meeting again. We are so glad to be going back there!

After spending 10 days on this beautiful island we will jet to the North of Spain where will spend another week discovering different cities. Barcelona comes next and will be our temporary home for 2 weeks.


In the end of June we will be visiting our friends in Germany, Berlin, and right after that heading south to Austria. We can’t wait to explore Vienna and Salzburg! We will also be making a short trip to Slovakia from Vienna, since it’s very close.

In July we will spend a few days back in Malta from where we’ll take a ferry to Sicily. We haven’t decided exactly where to stay, but we know for sure that we are going to go with our car and will drive through the island, enjoying beautiful landscapes and delicious food!


In August and September we will be resting in Malta after our exhausting trip around Europe, and preparing for our next trip. In the end of September we will be visiting Bulgaria for one week. In the beginning of October we are planning to go again to Thailand and spend a few months in Chiang Mai. Having a base in Chiang Mai will give us an opportunity to have cheap flight connections to countries nearby. We are thinking of visiting Australia, Malaysia, China, Japan, and/or some others, but those trips will probably take place in 2015.

So there you go, we’ve got a busy schedule ahead! Which other countries do you think we should visit? We’d love to hear from you guys!

 Photo Credit: GoodFon.ru

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